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Rumors are rife concerning weight loss. An attempt to unravel the truth behind these weight loss myths strengthened a high propensity for health and natural weight loss, all thanks to HCG diet drops. Follow the Steps to maintain the diet using hcg and achieve great weight loss results.

The following are the top few weight loss myths that always do the rounds.

1. Starvation – The best way to lose weight

Crash diets characterized by prolonged periods of starvation have a negative effect on weight loss. In fact a long term weight gain will always be round the corner, if one resorts to starvation. Such diets are not only hard to adhere to, but will also rob the body of its essential nutrients. This in turn leads to a situation when the high and dry individual is drawn towards fatty and calorie rich sugary foods.

2. Stringent Exercise Regime – The Best Option for Weight LossWeight Loss

A dramatic increase in physical activity aiming at weight loss is never a good option. It is always advisable to proceed with a simple exercise regime that one is comfortable, to start with. Further on, it can be enhanced with a regular physical activity to become a part of a daily routine. Burning more calories than one consumes is the secret to weight loss. Hence this can be achieved by simply eating less and working out more (consistently).

3. Diet pills promote long term weight loss

Sporadic consumption or even consistent consumption of diet pills never leads to long term weight loss. The pills in combination with a well chalked out diet plan and exercise can promote weight loss. Additionally, these diet pills should always be consumed as per physician’s prescription.

4. Healthy foods burn a hole in the pockets

Unhealthy foods, most of the times are more expensive than their healthy counterparts. Fatty and rich meals are definitely priced high in comparison to a homemade healthy meal prepared using fresh veggies.

5. Labels Shout Loud

Foods carrying the tags of “low-fat” or “reduced fat” are loaded with high levels of sugars. Hence going by the labels and consuming low fat foods is definitely not a healthy choice.

6. Carbohydrates cause weight gain

One of the essential nutrients in a balanced diet, carbohydrates always take a beating when it comes to weight loss. They are avoided since they are presumed to cause weight gain. But the truth is they will not cause weight gain when consumed in limited quantities. Whole grain and whole meal carbohydrates like brown rice are best options. However, a word of advice is not to fry starch laden foods when on a weight loss diet.

7. Snacks – the monstrous weight gainers

Weight LossSnacking is never an issue, which in fact is a requirement for many to maintain optimum energy levels. It is the nature of the snack that is of major importance. An active lifestyle definitely calls for snacking between meals and it is a wise choice to snack on fruits and vegetables instead of fried and fatty snacks like crisps and chocolates.

8. Water therapy for weight loss

Consuming water does not lead to weight loss. However, it aids in hydrating the body and helps the person to snack less. Thirst sometimes can be misleading to hunger pangs.

9. Skipping Meals – The solution to weight loss

It is indeed a bad idea to skip meals. Efforts should be directed towards consuming fewer calories in contrast to skipping meals. Fatigue coupled with problems of malnutrition come up when the body is starved. On the contrary, it can cause people to binge on fatty, oily and calorie rich food to combat hunger pangs.

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how to become slim in short time period? Is through exercise, dieting, crash diets, 7 day or 10 day liquid diet plans or straight forward medical treatments? It is possible to lose weight by means of diet plan alone, however exercise is surely an important aspect. Devoid of it, only a percentage of your unwanted weight loss is usually from excess fat; which means you are also burning away bone and muscles density. Since exercising motivates growth of those metabolic tissues, shredding weight in the course of exercising means you’re burning largely fat. The quantity on the level may well not sound impressive, but since muscle uses lesser place than what the excess fat needs, you appear smaller as well as your clothes fit in a better way. Studies reveal that to reduce weight together with exercise and diet is the best way possible. You must be ready to work out on 7 days, 50 units each, in a moderate high intensity.

Weight loss is usually 75% of diet and 25% of exercise. A study in excess of many weight loss situations read that men and women see the largest temporary results if they eat sensible. On normal, people that followed a diet without exercising intended for 15 months lost a few pounds; the particular exercisers missing about six over concerning 21 months. It’s easier to reduce calories when compared with to burn them off of. For case, if consume a fast-food meat quesadilla, which often can pack 500-plus calories, you have to run more than four kilometers to undo it.Weight Loss

So, what in case you consume? It’s correct that low carbohydrate diets are usually the most favored because they give the best results, although they are often difficult to be able to keep going. Striving to get a better managed plan that concentrates on vegetables and fruits, lean meats and wholesome carbs is important. And do not minus the calories too much as this will lead to your metabolism becoming slow in function, and you could start losing muscles mass. For the healthy day-to-day calorie rely, allocate 10 calories for each single lb of bodyweight. That means, you must be successful to lose weight irrespective of how very much you exercising.


Should you cut the meat into huge pieces or even take major bites, you will probably finish it too rapidly. The far more steps anyone takes prior to a food enters your mouth, the longer it will need to finish the supper.

The actual diet procedure or the Original Protocol

Weight LossThe original diet protocol put forth by Dr. Simeons clearly lists out the dos and don’ts of the diet. If followed sincerely one can lose up to ½ a kg in a single day. That translates to about 15 kgs in one month!


The HCG diet would be the ultimate weightless system that modifications HOW one’s body loses weight. Using the particular pro-hormone HCG to boost other hormones to keep its own natural muscles, the human body’s metabolism is usually naturally ignited to get rid of fat at an impressive rate. Consider this your individual resource because both the introduction towards the HCG Diet or a supplemental manual to go with your private protocol, whichever that could be. This diet plan is associated with dramatic weight loss, up into a pound daily. But the condition, up as yet, was in which no health practitioner could reveal how it worked, and critics believed the caloric restrictions have the effect of the weight loss and definitely not the HCG hormone. Critics in the diet have maintained which the weight missing can’t be kept off of. The HCG Diet has also had several odd principles.

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As a strong retort to many unsuccessful and harmful weight loss diets, the HCG weight loss diet proclaiming the use of HCG diet drops is the most natural and safest way for weight loss. Not only that; these drops do not actually cause a hole in the pocket. Losing weight at the cost of impairing health is never a good bargain. Consumers should hence not attach importance only to burning fats. Choosing a healthy, safe, effective and natural option will prove beneficial to the overall health of an individual in more ways than one, even after weaning themselves off from either medication or stringent diets.

HCG diet- the cost effective and natural approach to weight loss

The dedicated and innovative efforts of a British doctor unearthed the unique capabilities of the glycoprotein hormone called HCG, with excellent fat burning features. These drops are laden with effective ingredients that curtail food cravings. While a lot is being said about eating low calorie diet and exercising, it is only with the intervention of these drops that consumers derive outstanding results from weight loss.Weight Loss

HCG EZ Drops – The cheap and best option

HCGdrops are now in cheap price. While it is common knowledge that cheap stuff need not always be the best and vice versa; HCG drops are definitely an exception to this notion. FDA approved HCG EZ drops are recognized to be the inexpensive and cost effective option for weight loss. Trusted amongst a wide conglomerate of fitness enthusiasts, these EZ drops feature amongst the widely acclaimed brands in the current market.

While being offered at reasonable prices on the internet for the benefit of fitness enthusiasts, the HCG hormone which is the main ingredient in the HCG drops serves the primary aim of breaking down loads of fat cells. Energy thus generated through these broken fat cells is recycled to be used for daily chores of the individual. Available in the most diluted form, these drops are highest in their medicinal strength. Hence these are the best sources for weight loss without any side effects and zero interference with other medications. Thus the consumers of HCG drops are well poised to reap the maximum benefits of weight loss without associated implications to the general health.

Short Duration of Treatment – Another Proponent for Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness of the drops is also a function of a short duration of the diet. Increased popularity of these drops perceived to boost up prices was far from a cost increase, all thanks to the limited duration of treatment using these drops. It is also interesting to note that average income groups find these drops highly affordable as they need to spend only for a couple of weeks in their long standing pursuit for slimmer and beautiful bodies.

Consumers to be Wary of Retail Outlets

With these HCG drops gaining popularity amongst masses, a number of retail outlets promising the sale of these drops mushroomed. However, it should be noted that these drops are devoid of its main ingredient; the HCG hormone. Hence online platforms are the best bet when it comes to sourcing cheap and authentic HCG diet drops. Manufactured under stringent regulations in the US, these drops packaged in 125 IUs, the best and most trusted amongst being HCG EZ drops. The hallmark of these drops being cost friendly in addition to being adept at fat burning; these drops are best chosen for their innate freshness and medicinal potency. Another identification to weed out the fake products is to look for an accreditation called the GMP which is the acronym for Good Manufacturing Practice. A statutory assurance to quality standards, this is hence regarded as a barometer for quality.