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Latest Comments

August 4 7:09 am
Me too! they call me anywhere from 2-4 times per day. Its getting annoying. I put the supposed number on my blocked call list but its annoying me even more because it isnt stopping this number from calling my mobile phone so I took it off and plan to tell them to STOP calling me. Ive never heard of any legitimate business using a phone number with all zeros. Sounds bogus to me. Im on the do not call list too but it doesnt seem to stop these people...whomever they are.

August 4 12:00 pm
this guy real name is sage forbes he is a sex offender girls beware !!!

July 3 3:57 am
Este tipo es una basura q se atrevio a golpearme....

August 6 7:34 am
I just got a message from this same person on Monday on blackplanet .. His screen name is southern whisper.. Thank God for google and the mindset to do research on new people.

July 26 5:30 pm

August 5 5:59 pm
crazy guy wont stop texting or calling me. ladies beware!

August 19 5:30 pm
Received a TEXT message from this number stating it was an FCU ALERT and that my card was deactivated. I was then asked to call another phone number to reactivate my call. The card they referenced as being deactivated is not any of my current credit cards so I did not call them back.

August 20 8:55 pm
Call received at 6:00PM straight-up. Phone rang 3 or 4 times and stopped ringing.

July 8 7:35 am
Didn't answer, but my smart phone said it was suspected spam.

August 27 8:01 pm
says they want to talk to you about your current gas bill. SPAM

July 22 9:44 am
this number came up as a Walmart out of Florida but must be a scam.

August 28 8:54 pm
This actually is Discover. They will tell you so, when you call the number on the card. When you dial the number, all it asks is the phone number where they left the message. No account number, no zipcode, nothing. It then reads some of your recent transactions to you.Cant steal an ID from what they asked for.

August 21 1:44 am
I answerd the phone and the number was only 0s and they said my computer was getting virus is I dont know if its true and I want them to stop its really annoying

July 13 11:35 am
This number called me and when I answered they never said anything after about 30 second they hang up and call right back

July 16 11:44 am
Amazingly, I got a contact from an unregistered owner who doesn't want to expose his real name

August 23 8:22 am
Card holder services .....they call constantly I'm getting angry and want to report them!!!

July 18 5:27 pm
Same same. This is an automated message from the IRS to inform you that the IRS has decided to initiate legal proceedings against your name. Blah, blah, lien, assets, bank accounts, blah. Scam.

August 23 4:37 am
Gotten a few calls from this bunch about (yes) a DirecTV debt that I believe was paid months ago. Considering how many consumer complaints have been filed against this company with the Better Business Bureau, it seems this may be a big ole scam.

August 7 6:05 pm
Just received a call saying I was a finalist in a contest for $1 million. He hung up when I asked him where he was calling from.

July 5 4:59 pm
Can you please give a tip about a scam call?